MINI and URBAN-X Rethink How Vehicles And Living Should Coexist in Cities


The collaborators say this video campaign is aimed at presenting innovative solutions from creative thinkers.

It comes down to an interesting question: What if we could preserve the best sides of living in cities and change the worst elements of that equation?

In the video campaign “Love the City x Hate the City”, MINI offers a set of positive aspects of life in the city and contrasts them with the associated challenges.

As part of this promotion of aspiring entrepreneurs, MINI is working with start-up accelerator URBAN-X to present creative thought leaders intent on finding new solutions for greater equity, participation and design opportunities.

MINI operates URBAN-X alongside American venture fund, Urban Us. The program was founded by MINI in 2016, and since its launch, more than 70 start-ups from different countries have already participated in the accelerator program. A new assemblage of up to ten urbantech start-ups is gathered every six months and they’re selected from more than 1000 applications a year.

It’s a creative exchange with designers, engineers and developers of MINI, and the founders of the selected start-ups are supported in the development of their business models. The innovations through this process are focused on analyzing the most difficult urban challenges from building technology and infrastructure to mobility and energy supply to public health and civic services.

The idea is to create cities that we can all love.

Amidst the pandemic, cities around the world are confronting issues of equity, access and opportunity while at the same time addressing resiliency and sustainability. With people rediscovering what they love about their cities and new solutions to address climate change and improve quality of life cropping up across the globe, now is the perfect time to reimagine city life and support the innovators who aim to do so,” says Micah Kotch, Managing Director of URBAN-X.

The start-up Circuit (which offers free rides on-demand in bustling inner cities as an emission-free short-haul service) is but one of the startups. Circuit aids passengers via app, helping to reduce congestion and eliminate the need for parking annoyances.

Another, the communication platform OneRoof, helps people who share the same house network, get to know each other and feel more supported. Their goal is to turn a group of people who live under the same roof into a “community.”

Oonee offers safe storage for scooters and bicycles in inner-city metropolitan areas. Their easy-to-install pods facilitate sustainable urban mobility and enhance public space through seating and roof greening.

Thrilling, yet another of this season’s cohorts, was founded in the United States and it’s the first e-commerce platform specializing in supporting small, independent vintage and secondhand stores. Thrilling communicates the offering of these stores and helps customers have the opportunity to minimize their ecological footprint when it comes to selecting their clothing.

The initiative will be showcased at the International Motor Show IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich by visiting the MINI Pavilion on Lenbachplatz from 7 September to 12 September 2021.


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