Mario: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chargin’ Chuck


There are few video game series that are as iconic as Nintendo’s Super Mario. Mario started as a reliable mascot for Nintendo consoles, but he’s turned into a constant innovator when it comes to what platforming video games can accomplish. Nintendo has done an excellent job in fleshing out their respective series, yet no one else seems to have the eternal allure of Mario.

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Mario’s adventures keep getting bigger and feature more surprising environments and enemies to conquer. A lot of Super Mario enemies have become celebrated in various ways, yet some hold higher esteem than others. Chargin’ Chucks should be familiar faces to any longtime Mario fans, but there’s a lot about them that people don’t know.

10 He’s Playable For The First Time In Mario Golf: Super Rush

Nintendo Mario Golf Super Rush Chargin Chuck Select

The various Super Mario multiplayer endeavors have featured more and more supporting characters and random enemies on the roster. It’s exciting to control Koopas, Piranha Plants, or Shy Guys, but now audiences can finally play as a Chargin’ Chuck. Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest entry in the popular Mario sports spin-off series, but it gives Chargin’ Chuck some appreciated focus. Chargin’ Chuck may seem more at home in a Mario football title, but perhaps that’s part of the novelty of his inclusion in a golf title.

9 Their First Appearance Is In Super Mario World

Nintendo Super Mario World Chargin Chuck Block

Ask any Nintendo fan what their favorite game in the Super Mario franchise is and it’s impossible to predict what they’ll choose. There is constant innovation across Super Mario titles, but it’s impossible to overlook how the Super Nintendo’s Super Mario World pushed both the series as well as platformers in general forward. Super Mario World is still a masterpiece decades later, and it’s responsible for many firsts in the franchise. Chargin’ Chucks are among several of the new enemies that appear for the first time in Super Mario World, but they’ve remained an important presence ever since.

8 Multiple Variations Of The Character Exist

Nintendo Super Mario World Chargin Chuck Varieties

Chargin’ Chucks are some of the most frustrating and creative enemies to appear in the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World, but the game doesn’t squander the character’s design and pushes it as far as possible.

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Rather than just stand on this one unique enemy, Super Mario World is full of different takes on the character that are all slightly altered to feature different obstacles. Alongside Chargin’ Chucks are Clappin’ Chucks, Passin’ Chucks, Diggin’ Chucks, Lookout Chucks, Confused Chucks, Splittin’ Chucks, and more, yet the original is the only one with a lasting legacy.

7 Their Name Is Changed In Different Regions Of The World

Nintendo Super Mario Chargin Chuck Pass

A very entertaining component of the characters and enemies that fill up the Super Mario universe is that they usually have names that are comical in some way or are just plain weird. Chargin’ Chuck feels incredibly appropriate for the character, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s actually an Americanized name. Chargin’ Chuck has many creative monikers in different regions, like Fred Lafonce, Charlie the Charger, and Bill Dozer in certain French markets. He’s referred to as Demolikoopa in some Portuguese regions, and in Japan, the character is simply known as Bull.

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