It’s a Sinch – new e-bikes hit NZ market


Further, Faster, Easier

A new player in the electric bike
game will be launched nationwide this month, with the
emphasis on excellent value for money, quality product,
servicing and family involvement.

The parent company Delve
DMD are confident that Sinch electric bikes will be a
significant contender in the New Zealand cycling

Co-owners Kim Struthers and Stephen James are
deeply immersed in the business of cycling.

father John created the renowned Avanti Bike brand in the
1980s and Kim has had over 25 years in the bicycle industry
including Country Manager of Avanti NZ.

Stephen is a
former New Zealand representative rider on both the road and
track and has also worked in the cycling industry for more
than two decades, including head of product development for

They are convinced Sinch electric bikes will
provide the best quality and value for money available in
New Zealand.

‘’Our quest is simple: to make biking
more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for more

‘’What we want is to provide consumers with
incredible value for money,’’ Kim said.

In addition,
they are promoting a new business model to change the
experience in bicycle showrooms.

The 22 stores nationwide
all have a Sinch Experience Centre. Details on each type of
electric bike can be studied online at,
customers can then visit one of the locations, take a bike
for a test ride and make their selection.

From the time
they have chosen which bike they like, delivery is completed
within five days and assembled by a specialist mechanic.
Sinch oversee all the preparation. Bikes are customised to
suit the individual’s riding style.

‘’We really want
Sinch customers to have the best cycling experience,’’
Stephen said. ‘’We’ve taken a stance of saying we’re
not going to ship a box. Come into a Sinch Experience Centre
and you’ll get a great bike, good service and you’ll
know it’s all done properly.

They are targeting three
types of customers:

The socialisers: those looking to
explore further afield or go on riding tours with family and

The commuters: those looking for an alternative
mode of transport;

The exercisers: those who like being
outdoors and active.

There are four essential types of

The Jaunt is a unisex model which features a
comfortable step-through frame, an upright riding position,
easy mounting and dismounting and with carrying and lighting
solutions to make for a safe ride;

The Rush, an
urban-commuter e-bike, suited to all round point to point
riding around the city or on urban trips;

And the Mode
and Mode Women’s bikes suited to on or off road riding.
The Women’s version has specific geometry to make it a
more comfortable and enjoyable ride.

In addition there is
a Junior version, aimed not solely for children or
teenagers, but also for shorter adults.

All bikes are
equipped with a Shimano mid drive motor and components. A
fully charged battery is capable of assisting you up to 32km
in speed and 150km in distance depending on the terrain and
mode of riding.

Sinch electric bikes start from $2899, a
seriously competitive price with full Shimano motor and

Stephen, as a former competitive bike rider,
is sold on the e-bike option.

“You have your competitive
side, but it gets to the stage where you just want to go out
and enjoy yourself. That’s what electric bikes have done.
Customers try the bikes out and the ease and fun brings on
the smile.’’

Both use the term ‘’the e-bike
smile’’, which comes from customers who have been lucky
enough to have had the Sinch e-bike experience.

As for the
business model, Sinch e-bikes are bought directly from the
company Delve DMD, albeit through the centres

The initial Sinch range of e-bikes will be in
stores from late April 2019; the full range will be on offer
late May 2019.

In an increasingly crowded cycling
marketplace, this is without doubt a case of ‘try it,
you’ll like it’.

Further, Faster, Easier

It’s a

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