Hyperspectral imaging could help detect woody breast


Hyperspectral imaging technology, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, could help identify meat quality defects like woody breast during poultry processing.

“Woody breast has been such an issue in the industry, but a lot of the work is done on two of extremes. One is in the laboratory in universities, and one is the actual production side and sometimes those two things don’t overlap,” said Olga Pawluczyk, CEO of P&P Optica.

“We’re trying to build an instrument that allows people to image woody breast and diagnose woody breast on a production level number of chickens.”

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From subjective to objective

The assessment of meat quality defects is typically done by hand, a highly subjective process.

“By measuring a lot of samples and by doing significant statistical analysis and looking at multiple sources of chickens in large quantities, we are trying to remove the subjectivity of the grading process,” Pawluczyk explained.

Hyperspectral imaging can provide processors with information about the chemical composition of poultry products, identifying if a chicken breast has true woody breast, no woody breast or even just a little of the meat quality defect.

The technology uses highly specialized cameras that capture an image of each object as it moves down the line. Each pixel in the image displays hundreds of wavelengths along the light spectrum.

Artificial intelligence and machine vision analyze the images – which look like squiggles to the naked eye – to display the precise information about the chemical composition of the poultry product.

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