From HERE, you can change the world!


New brand encourages entrepreneurs to change the world… from Greenville!

There are plenty of tried-and-trues in economic development. But like the very entrepreneurs it aims to attract, a new branding effort from the City of Greenville is all about a fresh, creative approach.

“Any city’s marketing pitch can promote quality of life, infrastructure, tax policy and business climate,” says Greenville City Manager John McDonough. “In Greenville, we believe it’s less about what we’ve got and more about what entrepreneurs can get here in terms of resources, tools, and access.”

The City of Greenville’s concept, however, goes well beyond the what-we’ve-got, what-you-get approach to attracting new and retaining current ambitious founders and thought leaders.

“What we’re emphasizing to prospective innovators is the fact that we get you,” McDonough says.

Titled “From Here You Can Change the World,” the branding platform and outreach campaign connects the story of the city’s own upstart origins and dynamic evolution to the entrepreneur’s desire to launch, drive, scale and, of course, make a difference.

 “We understand the founder mindset. We know they want to take chances and accomplish big things, and — via collaboration with other local organizations, programs and resources — we foster a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that helps new ventures flourish,” McDonough says. “‘From here you can change the world’ is not just a marketing tagline; it is a fact. How do we know? Because so many in Greenville have already done so.”

“From Here, You Can Change the World “— created by local marketing agency BRIGHT+CO — will tell the stories of Greenville’s current class of entrepreneurs to encourage new founders to come write theirs here, too.

McDonough urges the business community to get involved by visiting the campaign’s website,, and leveraging the resources for entrepreneurs, social aggregators, event calendars, listings of economic development organizations and partners and other valuable tools that can be found there. He also encourages local entrepreneurs to help spread the word about Greenville’s favorable business climate to colleagues in other areas and to follow and engage with the brand’s social presence: You Can Greenville SC on Facebook, @YouCanGreenvilleSC on Instagram and @YouCanGVLSC on Twitter.

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