Former Bioware General Manager Casey Hudson Forms New Studio


Hudson has announced his new independent game company, Humanoid Studios.

New Humanoid Studio head from Bioware, Casey Hudson

Bioware’s former general manager Casey Hudson stepped away from his position last year, but appears to have new projects already in the works. Today, Hudson revealed he’s formed a new independent video game company, Humanoid Studios.

Last year, in December of 2020, Hudson departed his role as Bioware’s general manager for the second time. Prior to that, Hudson left Bioware in 2014 and briefly worked at Microsoft Studios as the creative director. It wasn’t until 2017 that he returned to his position at Bioware again.

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Today, in a series of tweets, Hudson revealed that he had a brand new project he was working on with other colleagues, but declined to say much more about his next title. Instead, he just revealed the new studio, Humanoid Studios, with its goal of “bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP.”

The official website for the indie studio is live now with several job postings, which don’t reveal too much either. There are the usual calls to experience with Unreal Engine and roles you would expect, but nothing that would provide more solid insights into what Hudson and his team will be working on next.

During his time at Bioware, Hudson was part of the team that brought you games like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect trilogy. Years ago, he commented on his return to the studio, noting that he came back to help handle some of the shortcomings that came with Mass Effect Andromeda.

Though Hudson is no longer with Bioware, the games he worked on continue to thrive. The Mass Effect trilogy just saw its remastered Legendary Edition launch earlier this year, and TheGamer has chronicled its story detailing what content was cut throughout all three, and interviewed some of the series’ most influential modders on why they think the new release has sparked a “modding renaissance.”

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