Fix our deplorable roads, please


While driving through Point Fortin on Wednesday, I could not but ponder: are these deplorable roads a sign of the times ahead of us in sweet T&T?

The dilapidated roads only reflect as a sign of how neglected we are in deep South. Not only in roads, but everything!

Here in deep South, we are the bastard children who everyone knows exist, but still try to act like we don’t exist, but throw a token to every few years.

We lack upgrading of our facilities, we lack any sign of innovation past the 1970s. My family migrated over 60 years ago and the roads are actually worse. Most Government offices have been closed, no jobs, no fire stations or upgraded health facilities.

We hear a plethora of excuses ranging from no money to no equipment to absolute silence. We continue to be asked to be patient, it coming—but when?

When will the citizens of deep South see upgrades like San Fernando and the North? When will we be able to drive our cars on smooth roads and not have to risk our lives daily, dodging and pulling off these tracks passing for main roads!

When will our children be exposed to development and ideology past their grandparents’ generation? When?! I ask one question: to whom can I send my car repair bill? The neglect we are exposed to on a daily basis is nothing short of an overflowing cesspit.

Michelle Dymally Davis


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