Discover the finalists for the 2021 Innovation in Manufacturing and Engineering Award


It is easy to overlook all of the skill and talent that is put into everything in our lives. From technology to design, everything has been created and improved to make it the best it can be.

Ensuring that all new innovations are appreciated, especially by those from our region, the LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards has a diverse range of awards to hand out on Tuesday, September 14 at the special live ceremony at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

The event’s headline sponsors are De Montfort University, Morningside Pharmaceuticals and University of Leicester; and the associate sponsor is LLEP Business Gateway.

Manufacturing and engineering remains the lifeblood of the region, but it’s a world away from the smokestacks of old. The finalists of the Innovation in Manufacturing and Engineering category have used digital innovation to bring new products to market and reinvent Leicestershire as a global hotspot of advanced manufacturing and engineering.

The finalists are:


As it stands, train engine cooling fans only work in one rotational direction, which can pull contaminants into the engine’s radiator, blocking air flow and shutting down the mechanism.

Flotec has designed a ‘variable’ pitch fan that keeps the engine cool and filtered, which will reduce the number of service delays and cancellations on the national rail network. Its preventative approach, as oppose to a reactive one, preempts delays and works to eliminate them before they occur, benefiting the rail network and those who rely on it.

Shifa Technologies Ltd

Shifa Technologies’ ShiVent is a low-cost and oxygen-efficient, non-invasive ventilator which doesn’t need electricity to function. As such, it can save lives in remote locations, improving the chances of survival in patients experiencing breathing difficulties due to illnesses such as Covid-19 and pneumonia.

Despite using oxygen cylinders rather than electricity, the ShiVent uses less oxygen than existing ventilators, making it both low cost and crucial in settings where electricity is intermittent. Easy to use, users won’t need to be a medical specialist to help save someone’s life.

De Montfort University

De Montfort University is a resource for the business community, bringing academics, graduates and industry together to support innovation, growth and skills development, focusing on improving digital competence. Its flagship Impacting Business By Design provides funded design support for SMEs to bring new products to market. It has the eighth highest number of start-ups of any UK university.

University of Leicester

University of Leicester delivers inspirational teaching and world-changing research and innovation. It supports innovators and businesses through a range of industry collaborations including the £5.1m Leicester Innovation Hub, making it easy to hire talented graduates and utilise the university’s expertise and facilities. Space Park Leicester is the university’s flagship project to grow the Leicestershire space innovation cluster.

Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Morningside Pharmaceuticals is an award-winning innovator, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality generic medicines and healthcare products to the UK and internationally. It is proud to deliver twice daily to the NHS and be one of the UK’s leading medical suppliers to aid organisations, having exported to more than 120 countries since its inception in 1991.

Unyte Hemp

Hemp is the most sustainable crop we can cultivate in the UK and Unyte Hemp aims to replace high-embodied carbon products such as rock-wool insulation with hemp-derived alternatives. Products such as insulation, cladding, hempcrete blocks and hemp fibre reinforced concrete can be cultivated with no pesticides or insecticides and processed using renewable energy. What’s more, it can be composted and used as fertiliser at the end of its use.

Unyte now plans to open a large-scale processing and manufacturing facility in Leicestershire, growing 5,000 acres of hemp to support local farmers with feedstock.

The 13 categories at this year’s LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards are:

Innovation in Technology Sponsored by De Montfort University

Innovation in Services Sponsored by Furnley House

Digital Innovation of the Year Sponsored by De Montfort University

Innovation in Design

Innovation in Construction

Innovation in Manufacturing and Engineering

Innovation in Education and Training

Medical and Health Innovator of the Year Sponsored by Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Innovation in Schools

Innovation in Space Sponsored by University of Leicester

University Student Innovation

Lifetime Achievement Award Sponsored by University of Leicester

Innovator of the Year Sponsored by University of Leicester

The LeicestershireLive Innovation Awards will be held on Tuesday, September 14 at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Visit for more information. #LeicsLiveInnovation21

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