Dead By Daylight Begins Its Fifth Anniversary Celebration With A Bang


Dead By Daylight has kicked off its fifth anniversary event with gifted Bloodpoints, Iridescent Shards, as well as adding the new Resident Evil map into regular play.

From now until July 15, players can earn limited-time cosmetics, items in their Bloodwebs, and earn a larger amount of Blood Points to level up their favorite characters.

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First up is the eagerly anticipated arrival of the Resident Evil map back into ranked rotation. Due to unforeseen technical problems, the map was disabled merely hours after releasing in mid June and has since only been available in custom matches.

Anniversary Crowns are back from last year’s event, though they look better now after some cosmetic upgrades. Acquiring a crown has a few conditions, the most important being that they are only available for original Survivors and Killers. Unfortunately, this means that licenced characters like the aforementioned Leon, Claire, and Nemesis from Resident Evil are out of luck.

Each match will spawn a Crown Pedestal that teleports around the map every couple of minutes, similar to the recent Gnome Chompski charm event. Once you interact with the pedestal, Survivors need to escape the trial to earn their crown, while Killers need to simply complete the trial.


During the event, Bloodwebs will spawn several familiar items, including new Flashlights, Med Kits, Toolboxes, and perhaps best of all, Sacrificial Cakes. These cakes do two things, the first being that by bringing a Cake into a match, you will get be given a distinct auditory cue when near a Crown Pedestal, making it easier to earn your cosmetic.

The second benefit to bringing a cake is a stacking 105% bonus Bloodpoints in all categories. A good match with all players bringing cakes and the use of certain perks can earn you nearly 200,000 points in one go, making this the best time to level up other Survivors and Killers.

To kick off the event, all players are awarded 500,000 Bloodpoints when they first log into the game, meaning that everyone can nab some Sacrificial Cake and start earning even more points. Over the next week, daily login rewards will total 9,000 Iridescent Shards.

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