Cisco takes aim at meeting fatigue with Vidcast


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Cisco has unveiled its take on asynchronous video, Vidcast, which is designed to help combat meeting fatigue and enable workers to remain productive without the limitations of time zones or calendar clashes.

The vendor touted Vidcast, currently in beta, in a blog post saying, “asynchronous video messaging … gives users the freedom to maintain their own schedule while ensuring effective communication and collaboration continues across the whole team.”

Omar Tawakol, vice president and general manager of Webex Growth, Cisco, said that while Webex focused a lot during the Covid-19 pandemic on making meetings more inclusive, there reached a point where many users were still experiencing meeting fatigue.

And companies that work across multiple continents and time zones found that trying to align calendars and schedule meetings was often challenging. “Sometimes I’m waiting seven or eight days to get something done that really should be addressed immediately,” Tawakol said.

This year, Cisco Webex wanted to move beyond focusing on the same area of collaboration. That led the company to asynchronous video — something collaboration rivals have also been working on. Asynch technology was something Slack talked up in June; others that have embraced it include Asana and Microsoft, with its Fluid components.

“A long time ago, people were saying what we need are faster trains,” Tawakol said. “That’s true, but we also needed better cars and more efficient airplanes. Sometimes you need something that is not a continuation of current technology, but instead disrupts it. So, we said, what if we don’t have a meeting at all?”

Credit: Cisco Webex

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