Asuna out-Smeags FaZe as 100T dominates in opening round of NA VCT Challengers Playoffs |


100 Thieves took care of business against FaZe Clan to open the NA VCT Stage Three Challengers Playoffs, taking both Haven and Icebox by a comfortable margin. 100T’s lone duelist Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk put on a one-man show against the innovators of Smeag style, consistently taking control with several opening kills during the series.

100T broke out the triple initiator composition on Haven with steel debuting KAY/O, Ethan on Skye, and Hiko on his trusty Sova. Steel and BabyJ (on Cypher) consistently dueled each other in a lurking battle, while babybay led the way for his side again on Jett. But in the first half, he was outfragged by Ethan, whose 16 kills before half-time gave 100T a 7-5 lead after attack.

Nitr0 on his pistol helped 100T increase their lead to 9-5, before FaZe claimed the 100T bonus round to bring up the first full gun round. Steel’s A sewer lurk gave 100T their 10th round and forced another save out of FaZe. Asuna out-Smeaged babybay during the second half, getting numerous opening Op picks before dashing to safety, and did it again to close out the map 13-6. FaZe only took one round, the 100T bonus round, in the second half.

The series turned to Breeze, FaZe’s map pick, where corey picked a surprising new favorite for that particular map, Yoru. Hiko surprised the server by not picking Sova and going with Viper, as 100T didn’t go with Sova at all. Asuna came out firing again, with a frightening 4k with his Ghost in the pistol round. FaZe’s first round, in round three, came at a great cost as they only kept one rifle, and losing the next round due to an Asuna lurk immediately broke the FaZe bank. He continued to throttle FaZe for the entirety of the first half, as 100T led 9-3.

That lead ballooned to 11-3 before FaZe could finally put some rounds together off of a couple of close but clutch site retakes. 100T finally closed out the map 13-9 on the back of a patient A site take, punctuated by another 2k by Asuna. He ended Breeze with 28 kills, outpacing both FaZe duelists combined, as corey finished with 13 and babybay finished with just 10.

With the victory, 100T moves on to play later in the day, awaiting the winner of XSET vs. Luminosity. If they triumph there, they will secure their Masters Three Berlin spot. FaZe will open play tomorrow, Aug. 12, against the XSET vs. LG loser.


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