Angel investors aim to lead the next generation, fund dreamers and make money in the


Steve Macdonald considers his mission fairly simple.

He wants to find dreamers and innovators, smart people with good ideas, and the desire to spot them. And he wants to give them the money they need to realize those ideas and create a better world in the process.

It’s easy?

For everyone else, the answer is probably no. But what he suggests to hear McDonald’s, and what he wants to do in his life, is as simple as possible.

One of the reasons is that he doesn’t ask anyone to do what he hasn’t done yet.

And 53-year-old McDonald’s has done a lot.

An angel investor and a trusted mentor throughout Tampa Bay’s startup community, he is also a marathon and mountaineer.

McDonald’s built its fortune after establishing myMatrixx, a pharmacy benefits company, in 2001. He has grown it into one of the largest companies in the industry and sold it for $ 250 million in 2017.

Instead of sitting in his wealth, McDonald’s, Business observer The top entrepreneur with over $ 400 million at the exit of the company he founded in 2013 started McDonald’s Ventures.

This company is a way to be passionate about finding entrepreneurs with change-making ideas that you can see him grow back, as well as the mentorship he does throughout the region.

According to the company’s website, McDonald’s Ventures “is more than an investor, embedding itself at the time of its founding by working with inventors, challengers and adventurers to develop leaders.” I am.

But McDonald’s himself said it in simpler terms: “I want to help build the next generation of change agents and surf with their awakenings.”

“As an investor, I’m looking for an early entrepreneur with a lot of energy, a lot of ambition, and creativity,” says McDonald’s.

“The people I see have the ideas and the willingness and courage to bring them to market and build them.”

For McDonald’s, helping these entrepreneurs is a way to convey the knowledge he has developed over the years and help make lasting changes.

He considers this a personal responsibility. He says there are too many negatives in the world. The world needs people with positive ideas that can help improve the lives of others.

The company invests between $ 50,000 and $ 1 million at every stage of the startup process.

Among the companies that McDonald’s has invested in over the years is the MammaBear App. This is an app that allows parents to monitor their children’s online activity. Booksy, an app that allows you to book health and beauty services. Skillshare is an online learning community that offers classes to those who are trying to embrace the creative side. Overall, he has a portfolio of over 100 angel investments, according to his website.

McDonald’s says that the desire to help people start a business by investing money or becoming a mentor is rooted in the desire to do good in the world. And that desire is rooted in his upbringing.

An orphan at an early age, he says that the love of his adoptive parents may make him so open to helping others.

“If my parents didn’t hire me and seize the opportunity, who would know where I am,” he says. Now helping others is “my way to prepaid it.”

Besides giving money, one of the ways worth giving back is to share the lessons from his failure.

And he had his fair share.

The company he started, Access Life, failed when the Internet bubble broke out in 1999. He was subsequently fired from his second company, Tech Health.

But his biggest mistake, the word he hates, is when he doesn’t have the confidence or experience to trust his instincts, he says.

McDonald says he faced a situation when the gut sensation was telling him what to do, but he ignored it. “And the result was that my gut told me it would be.”

Over the years, he has learned to identify emotions and have the confidence to trust them. And while he can’t teach anyone to trust their instincts, he believes he can learn how to identify emotions and gain confidence in them.

But that’s just one of many small lessons he has passed on to his mentor.

But it’s hard to get rid of it. That’s because self-confidence is so important to startups facing the nearly impossible path of taking the bud of ideas and creating something the world didn’t even know they needed.

And that is the essence of McDonald’s. He knows that wise people can come up with solutions and believes that it is his mission to keep them focused and not lose sight of their goals.

“What is worth having is not easy,” he says. “There are a lot of obstacles along the way. That’s part of it. Don’t blame anyone else or learn from those obstacles. Apply those lessons and move on.”

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt anyone to start earning a few dollars along the way.

Angel investors aim to lead the next generation, fund dreamers and make money in the process | Business Observer

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